Knicks Morning News (Sunday, Oct 27 2013)

  • [New York Newsday] Mike Woodson strongly considering alternating Amar'e Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin (Sun, 27 Oct 2013 02:50:39 EDT)

    Fans at Friday night's unveiling of the renovated Madison Square Garden also got to see Amar'e Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin make their preseason debuts for the Knicks.

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks’ Tick-Off: Bothered by naysayers predicting teams downfall (Sun, 27 Oct 2013 00:52:52 GMT)

    The so-called experts have forecast a major drop-off for the Knicks, from second in the Eastern Conference to the second-best team in New York City, and maybe not better than the fifth-best team in the East this season.    

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    1. I thought of making some predictions for the season. I hope you dont think they are too spamming, xD. Here we go:

      Miami Heat 60-22

      The heat won 66 games last year. How do they drop from there? I feel their guard rotation is suspect, and in the end, they will try to save D-Wade’s legs for the playoffs. I am curious about what Greg Oden has left, but i think neither he or Beasly will give them too much.

      New York Knicks 57-25

      I am an optimist at heart, and i couldn’t place the knicks anywhere lower. Sure enough, our good record last year was dominate by a really good stint where the Knicks wouldnt miss a 3pt, and Jason Kidd looked 10 years younger. How does this team improve on that? First, health, and second, depth. Both characteristics are intertwined, and i feel the team goes 13 deep, and we have a real big rotation (even if some of those bigs doesnt rebound). For the regular season, that is one key characteristic.

      Chicago Bulls 56-26

      This team does not look so different from the team that won 62 games 3 years ago, and they dont look too old to repeat something like that. They are a little less deep this year, and Boozer might not be in his best moment, however that might be compensated by a midseason trade. I predict a good season for them.

      Indiana Pacers 50-32

      The Pacers won 49 games last year, and i don’t expect improvement from there. In his 3rd year, I feel Paul George has already shown what he is. The real question mark is what Danny Granger will provide to this team. He is a gifted offensive player, scores 3s, and the Pacers struggle in that area. First IF, will he be healthy? Second IF Will he be happy with a secondary role?. If the answer is no, i think we will see the same pacers as last year.

    2. Detroit Pistons 46-36

      With Andre Drummond playing starter minutes, and Josh Smith in the wing, they are gonna be a tough team to beat. I don’t understand why the havent extended Monroe, since having a big with his passing abilities will be key to make a little sense of their offense, which is gonna be ugly to see anyhow.

      Brooklyn Nets 45-37

      Here’s the most overhyped team in the NBA! They will be fine by the playoffs, but they aren’t as deep as they think. They have to take care of the minutes Garnett play. Paul Pierce will be a nonfactor (seeing his last playoffs performance). Kirilenko will be key in this team, but he uses to have injury problems of his own. And the most worrisome fact is how thin are at the guard position. JET is done, and they only have real NBA players with JJ and Deron Williams. There is almost nothing if they have to miss time. All in all, i predict a low victory total. They will focus on the playoffs, when it matters most.

      Washington Wizards 44-38

      The Wizards just landed Gortat, and they are serious about making the playoffs. Bradley Beal was showing lots of promise towards the end of the year, and Wall looks focused now that he has a real team around him. Nene’s health is a great question mark, but i think one that wont derail them from the playoffs.

      Atlanta Hawks 38-44

      After losing Josh Smith and JJ and looking for the future, Atlanta still looks good. Paul Millsap, Horford, Teague, Korver and Lou Williams look like a competent team, not that they care too much about this year.

      Cleveland Cavaliers 35-47

      I just don’t see this team making it. They look really disfunctional. Kyrie Irving is a show, but i dont think he is as good as advertised. Of course, predicting the cavaliers means predicting what happens with Bynum, but i have a hard time believing he will return to his Laker days form

    3. Charlotte Bobcats 34-48

      Al Jefferson won’t be enough to push them to the playoffs. A weird time to push for the playoffs with the loaded draft that comes. I simply dont understand MJ.

      Toronto Raptors 34-48

      Novak would make this team NBA champion. However, he isn’t man enough to claim the ball from Gay’s hands, and they will fail to make the playoffs. On a serious note, Valanciunas will be a nice sight to see in a surely disappointing season.

      Orlando Magic 28-54

      Nothing much to see here.

      Milwaukee Bucks 27-55

      Not here either.

      Philadelphia 76ers 17-65
      Boston Celtics 13-69

      Let the tanking begin, Wooohoooo! I picked the Celtics over 76ers and Bucks because, well, they are garbage. Rondo will probably be traded or not rush to come back. 76ers have young players with something to play for. Turner will be a free agent next summer, and needs to showcase himself; Young is too athletic and talented not to contribute something; and who knows what Michael Carter-Williams will bring.

    4. Los Angeles Clippers 64-18

      JJ Redick is an improvement over last year, and so is Doc Rivers. Chris Paul is in his prime, and the team is quite young. I predict a great season for the Clippers.

      Houston Rockets 58-24

      I believe that the Asik-Howard tandem is something that can work. And as long as Howard doesnt complain about lack of touches on offense, they will be fine. I think Montiejunas will be a nice gem, and overall, it looks like a deep team; even if they have to take some time to figure rotations.

      San Antonio Spurs 57-25

      When will you say that the Spurs are too old for this? Tim Duncan didn’t look old last year, neither did Tony Parker. Splitter is quite reliable, and Kawhi Leonard is the new generation. Definitely they will miss Ginobili in a few matches. But aside from that, they still look very good.

      Oklahoma City Thunder 54-28

      In the end, OKC will regret not extending Harden. The team looks really shallow. Their guard rotation looks bad without Westbrook, and he will need time to regain his previous form. At C they look even worse. Durant and Ibaka are still marvelous, but is that enough?

      Golden State Warriors 53-29

      I really like this team. I am a bit skeptic on the Iguodala signing, since he is a really athletic wing entering his 10th season. However, i am really confident that a healthy year of Bogut will make a great difference. And i am alsoconfident in Barnes improving. Just hope Curry’s ankles hold together

      Memphis Grizzlies 52-30

      They look exactly as last year, but last year they had almost perfect health. I take away some victories just because they might not be as lucky this year.

    5. Dallas Mavericks 50-32

      And this might be the team most understimated this year. If you take the games Nowitzki played last year, Dallas would be a playoff team. Now, he will have help… at least on the offensive side. Calderon is a great spot up shooter. Monta Ellis can do isolations all day. They don’t defend well, but both of them are low TOs guys, so Nowitzki wont have to be rushing back on D.

      Minesota Timberwolves 44-38

      I am undecided on the last spot for the playoffs. Sure Minesota will be a show with Rubio and Love. And Kevin Martin is great piece to have. But their SF rotation is weak, and so is the PFs behind Love. Budinger is injured, Brewer is meh, and i dont trust on Muzzamad. Derrick Williams wont be any better than Michael Beasly.

      Los Angeles Lakers 41-41

      I still dont know what to make of the Lakers. I think they could make the playoffs if everything goes right from the beginning. If not, they might dismantle the team and tank one season. They depend a lot on the health of their stars, and that’s hard to predict. I believe they are a team of players that are too veteran to tank. So they will go for it, even if they fall short.

      New Orleans Pelicans 39-43

      Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson are a nice place to start. Jrue Holiday is a solid signing, even if unspectacular. The rest… well… I am not sure if Tyreke Evans will figure it out. Eric Gordon is an enigma too, he has been way too injured lately to take his clipper days as a reference.

      Portland Trail Blazers 35-47

      I am a bit unimpressed with Damian Lillard. He is a bit older than the rest of his draft class, and he was put on a team with freedom to look for his shot. He did nicely, but i don’t see that kind of basketball to bring wins to portland, and i dont see Lillard improving dramatically.

    6. Denver Nuggets 34-48

      The fact that the Nuggets won 57 games last season should not obscure the fact that they are losing their 2 most important players to start the season. Gone are the 2800 minutes of Iguodala, the 2000 minutes of Brewer, the 1800 minutes of Koufos, and we have to see how many minutes will Gallinari play. Gone are Ujiri and Karl. I don’t think this team will look anything like last season’s team.

      Sacramento Kings 27-55

      I think Cousing will have a fine season. But the rest of the team is not good.

      Utah Jazz 25-57

      Utah managed to hide Favors and Kanter for three years. And that might be good now to sign them on cheaper deals. However, that also makes us wonder is the pairing will really work or not. I havent seen too much the Jazz to know, but one thing is for sure. Behind them, there is Andris Biedrins! That speaks volumes of the intention of this team entering the season.

      Phoenix Suns 13-69

      Tank! Tank! Tank! Now that they have traded Gortat for Okafor, they will race head to head with the Celtics for the worst spot in the standings.

    7. Thanks, iserp. I think 57 wins is overly-optimistic, and expect the Nets and Pacers to be better than your predictions. Also, the Bulls should get to 58 wins.

      I’ll go 53 wins for the Knicks, 52 for the Pacers, and 51 for the Nets. These teams seem very close and all have big question marks. I can see the Knicks fighting hard for the #3 spot and winning the Atlantic again.

    8. Put me down for this

      Eastern Conference:
      1) Chicago, 62 wins (nobody cares about the regular season as much as Thibs)
      2) Miami, 59 wins
      3) New York, 55 wins
      4) Brooklyn, 52 wins
      5) Indiana, 50 wins
      6) Cleveland, 45 wins
      7) Detroit, 44 wins
      8) Washington, 43 wins

      Western Conference:
      1) Clippers, 63 wins (this team looks a lot like the 2009 Cavs to me)
      2) San Antonio, 59 wins
      3) Houston, 56 wins
      4) Memphis, 55 wins
      5) OKC, 54 wins
      6) GSW, 52 wins (I just wanna see Stephen Curry and Igoudala embarrass Lin and Harden)
      7) Dallas, 47 wins
      8) Lakers, 43 wins (Nash, Gasol, D’Antoni, Kaman, Kobe….they won’t miss the playoffs if they’re healthy)

    9. I don’t mean this as a criticism of the above posts–I mean, predictions a fun thing to do right before the season starts–but I think the last three years have basically convinced me that predictions are sort of futile for this team. Recall, this is a team that–

      1. Made a win-now trade for a superstar in 2010-2011, only to have the same win% before and after the trade.
      2. Teamed two all-offense, no-defense max.-level players and an offensively-minded coach into a good defensive team that was terrible at scoring.
      3. Revived that team during a serious slump with a 7-win streak, prompted by the superstars’ injuries and the turning of the team over to a bunch of min.-level players.
      4. Lost 8 of 10 games when the stars returned, getting the coach fired.
      5. Went on another tear to end the year, but only after several key Linsanity figures got injured and the team’s rotations had been rebuilt around placing Anthony at a different position.
      6. Converted the exact same core of that team –except now with a purportedly defensive-minded coach–into a top offense and a mediocre defense the next year.
      7. Played at their best only at the beginning and end of the season, when key players were injured (early–Stoudemire, Shumpert; later–Chandler, Stoudemire), and played at a .500 level in the middle of the year when they were relatively healthy.

      In other words, there’s basically nothing that’s going to happen this year that’ll surprise me. They’ll probably, I don’t know, end up with Stoudemire playing 80 games and leading the league in ppg along the way, finish in the bottom five in turnover differential, and start Chris Smith for 15 games to great success, somehow. Who can say, really.

    10. End the thread, guys. Comment of the year.

      Knicks 82-0.
      Everyone else 0-82.

      Don’t tell me what is and isn’t mathematically possible!!!

    11. Fun!

      1) Miami – 57-25: Wade declines. Bosh steps up. Lebron plays limited minutes.
      2) Chicago 56-26
      3) Brooklyn: 53-29
      4) Indiana: 48-34: Offseason moves are overrated. Granger looks done.
      5) New York: 47-35: Struggle to space the floor as well as last year. Still can’t control penetration despite some improved wing defenders.
      6) Milwaukee: 45-37: Sick 3 point shooting — Mayo, Neal, Ridnour, Ilyasova, Knight, Delfino, possibly Butler; underrated PG; more minutes from Sanders = improved D.
      7) Washington: 44-38: Health concerns abound. Gortat is a huge upgrade though and Beal and Wall should both be better.
      8) Cleveland: 40-42: Formula for Cavs record: 24 + (Bynum GP/4 + Varejao GP/8). Beyond Irving, young guys aren’t prime time ready.
      9) Detroit: 40-42: Drummond will dominate in streaks and struggle in others. Jennings is overrated.
      10) Toronto: 39-43: Valanciunas, Gay, Ross = improvements. Loss of Bargnani tidies up defense.
      11) Atlanta: 34-48: Want to tank, but Horford is too good to tank with. Millsap and Teague will be traded IMO by midseason.
      12) Charlotte: 30-52: Lots of average wing players, a decent PG, and a good center. Biyombo looks good in the preseason too.
      13) Orlando: 27-55: High energy roster w/ intriguing prospects.
      14) Philly: 16-66
      15) Boston: 14-68

      1) Houston: 63-19
      2) Clippers: 61-21
      3) OKC: 52-30: The young guys will be better than people expect
      4) S.A.: 52-30
      5) G.S.: 51-31
      6) Dallas: 51-31: If Dirk is healthy, this team is solid
      7) Memphis: 49-33
      8) Denver: 47-33: Iguodala’s importance overrated. Gallo is a big loss and puts a lot of pressure on chronically hurt Wilson Chandler.
      9) N.O.: 47-35
      10) Minnesota: 45-37: Very good SL but no depth, no defense
      11) Utah: 35-47: more experienced than the average young team.
      12) Portland: 28-54
      13) Lakers: 23-59: Terrible terrible supporting cast and who knows what Kobe or Nash will bring? This could be even worse than 23 wins.
      14) Sacramento: 18-64
      15) Phoenix:…

    12. Ok I’ll go:

      1. Miami 58: Not much to say.
      2. Chicago 55: Not quite as deep as they were, Thibs eases up a bit.
      3. Brooklyn 54: I’m a big believer.
      4. Indiana 54: Bench will make a big difference from last year
      5. Knicks 49: Discussed ad nausem. Will look like world beaters for stretches but struggle at other times.
      6. Detroit 46: Weird team, this is a total guess. Think we’ll have a much better feel for them after a couple weeks.
      7. Atlanta 43: Hard team to pick because they’re going to be looking to deal. I think the current roster would do better than this but this is a hedge against them unloading Horford/Millsap.
      8. Washington 40: Their best 5 will give teams real problems, just not enough depth to go higher than this.
      9. Cleveland 38: Unless Kyrie makes another big step they’re going to need a healthy amount of Bynum to make the playoffs and that’s never something to pin your hopes on.
      10. Milwaukee 38: Most boring team in the league?
      11. Toronto 34: Again I think their current roster would do better than this but they’re looking to tear it down.
      12. Orlando 29: Some interesting young guys here. I think they’re going to be better than expected.
      13. Charlotte 24: Not totally sure how Jefferson is going to fit in.
      14. Boston 19: Garbage roster and they’re going to dump the only good parts of it I suspect.
      15. Philly 13: This might be generous.

      1. San Antonio: 59. Think they’ll be hungry for that Game 7 at home.
      2. Clips 58: Huge wing improvements. Real test of Doc’s coaching chops- did KG and Thibs make him?
      3. Houston 56: I think it’ll take them a bit to figure out how they want to play and they’re not super deep but they’re going to be touch come playoffs
      4. OKC 55: No depth, Westbrook question marks.
      5. Memphis 51: May look to cut salary again.
      6. Golden State 50: They’re sexy but Curry is always a health worry.
      7. Dallas 48: Healthy Dirk = high 40s.
      8 Minnesota 45: Think they’re due a little break

    13. 9. Denver 42: Think it’s going to take a while to settle into the new system, no Gallo = rocky start
      10. Portland 40: Solid team that would be in the playoffs in the East, but I think they just get squeezed out again.
      11. New Orleans 37: I expect Davis to be a beast but I think they went “all-in” a year too early and with not the right guards.
      12. Utah 30: Love those young bigs but they have a lot of guys taking a step up in responsibility, will be a learning year.
      13. Lakers 29: I hope it’s worse than this because god do I hate the Lakers, but I think Kobe, Pau, Nash still have enough to avoid this being a total disaster (unless they tear it down)
      14. Sac 22: Nothing good to say about this team. Leader in the clubhouse for most unwatchable.
      15. Phoenix 14: How far they’ve fallen. This was the funnest team in the league as recently as 2010. Still a shame that Sarver was too much of a cheap-ass to let those Nash teams be all they could be.

    14. I won’t list every team..but I will list some fairly notable predictions:
      Top of the East will be tough. I see Miami with 59 wins. NY and Chicago with 55, Indy with 54 and Brooklyn with 53 wins. The rest is a scramble in the East. Detroit will be better, but with Jennings, Smith and bigs who can’t regularly convert from 12 or so feet, they will probably only get to 43-44 wins. And the last above .500 team I see in the East is Washington at 42-40. Now..if Bynum is healthy and gives Cleveland something similar to his LA days, then things change and u can see Cleveland making a run at 50 wins. Out West, I think it’s the Clippers and everybody else. They crack 60 wins. OKC will be close during the regular season but until Westbrook is right they don’t come close to the Clips. They finish with 55 wins. Beyond that, I have a logjam at 52 wins with Houston, San Antonio, and Golden State. Memphis takes a step back but may still hit 50 wins but I see them at 47. My big predictions is Minnesota getting 48-50 wins. Denver, Lakers, and Portland all take steps backwards. I’m really anxious to see what Brendan Malone does with that bunch in Sacramento. I think that if the can move Jimmer and a couple other guys with value like Thornton, and land a true floor general as the back up PG and a starting SF that can hit shots from outside like a Harrison Barnes or Danny Granger (who may be moveable for outside shooting to fit around George)- they can go with a starting backcourt of Vazquez and Thomas and make a lot of noise. I’m almost ready to call them my dark horse

    15. iserp:
      I thought of making some predictions for the season. I hope you dont think they are too spamming, xD. Here we go:

      New York Knicks 57-25

      I am an optimist at heart, and i couldn’t place the knicks anywhere lower. Sure enough, our good record last year was dominate by a really good stint where the Knicks wouldnt miss a 3pt, and Jason Kidd looked 10 years younger. How does this team improve on that? First, health, and second, depth. Both characteristics are intertwined, and i feel the team goes 13 deep, and we have a real big rotation (even if some of those bigs doesnt rebound). For the regular season, that is one key characteristic.

      Methinks you are a tad optimistic. The Knicks have a number of flaws that will likely keep them from going deep in the playoffs and are one good hard screen to the shoulder of Melo from being in the lottery.

      First, their point guard play (and guard play overall) is below league average. As much as Kidd declined by the end of the season, somebody is going to have to play his 2043 minutes of savvy and intelligence (a commodity sorely lacking on this squad). Prigs at his age isn’t going to survive playing starters minutes. Felton is an average nba player at best. Murray is untested. Shump isn’t a pg. Beno Udrih is a below average nba player.

      At the 2 Smith is coming off significant knee surgery and is “inconsistent at best. Shump has a way to go, but has promise. Hardaway ? Who knows if he is an nba player.

      The real problem is with the bigs. Chandler is coming off a neck injury entering his 13th season. Martin has 2 microfracture knees. Amar’e had 3 knee surgeries in the past year. No one knows if either can hold up even a little bit health wise. If aldrich has to play serious back up minutes, it is over.

      And Melo is playing with a Glenoid Labrum tear that is one fall or shot to the shoulder from…

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